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Jun 15

Radio Exposed 6/14/2015

Tinky bought a house and over the first 50 days of home ownership, has racked up quite the list of house issues. He will whine to Louie for about an hour about those issues and Louie may chime in on his issues from his houses. TInky also airs out his grievances against Comcast.

Download the June 14th, 2015 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 44mb)

Apr 15

Radio Exposed 4/12/2015

It has been a while since Tinky and Louie have done a show! They will get down to all the different issues they had since November. Since then, Tinky has bought a house and announced to the world he is having a daughter. Louie also talks about his birthday trip to Las Vegas. Other topics...poop donations, I almost fed my wife dirt, an awesome energy drink from West Virginia, and what not to do when you have free food for life.

Download the April 12th, 2015 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 64mb)

Nov 14

Radio Exposed 11/25/2014

Tinky and Louie recap Tinky's big day...HE GOT MARRIED! They also talk about Tinky's mini pre-honeymoon to lovely Galena, IL where the Galena/antiques myth is crushed. Believe it or not, there is more to that tiny Illinois town. Also on the show...the end of 87.7 The Game, hot seal on penguin action, New Jersey wants to ruin online dating for everybody, and an important show announcement.

Download the November 25th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 50mb)

Nov 14

Radio Exposed 11/9/2014

It has been 4 years...Radioexposed.net started on November 7th, 2010. To celebrate such an occasion, we have put together a few of our favorite interviews from our 4 years behind the mics. Included are interviews from I Fight Dragons, Allister, Dynamite Hack, August Premier, Rattlesnake Gunfight, GotBaals.com, Lady Laura (Yes...her and I Fight Dragons on the same show), and Tornado Rider.

Download the November 9th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 93mb)

Oct 14

Radio Exposed 10/28/2014

Tinky and Louie recap Tinky's bachelor parties...both the fake party that was a front to announce the real party that took place in Las Vegas. There were some fun antics including craps, fun at dive bars, and Tinky got stuck in quicksand. The rest of the show celebrates the 4th anniversary of Radio Exposed on Radioexposed.net. We put together a great collection of our best moments over the past 4 years. Enjoy.

Download the October 28th, 2014 Show (Right-Click-Save-Link-As - 168mb)

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